1. Linework NW is proud to announce our second special guest, JIM WOODRING!

    One of the all time greats of American cartooning and a legendary figure in Pacific Northwest arts, Jim Woodring is an accomplished illustrator and oil painter, and his creations have also been translated into 3D in the form of toys. He is best known for his surreal comic series JIM, from which sprang the iconic character Frank. You may also know him from his quest to create a giant, functional pen nib, which he’ll be bringing to Linework NW!

    "Jim Woodring is one of the great cartoonists of his generation, and probably one or two generations on each side of his own. He’s one of those cartoonists that raises one’s estimation of the entire art form for him being [in] it." – Tom Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter

    "Mr. Woodring’s imagery mimics the look of antique wood engravings and animated cartoons of the 1930s while tapping deeply into reservoirs of mythic imagination." – The New York Times

    We couldn’t be happier to welcome Jim to Linework NW & Portland in general. Stay tuned for specific announcements regarding programming, to come soon!

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