1. We are proud to officially announce our lineup for Linework 2014

    Art by Special Guest Michael DeForge.


    2D Cloud

    Alternative Comics

    Bridge City Publishing

    Crawdads Welcome

    Lori D.

    Farel Dalrymple

    Dark Horse Comics

    Barry Deutsch

    Julie Dillon

    Fantagraphics Books

    Fantom Forest

    Madéleine Flores

    Foxing Quarterly

    Grass Hut


    Grimoire Press

    Julia Gfrörer

    Trillian Gunn

    Hambrgr House

    Hidden Fortress Press

    Jonathan Hill

    Meg Hunt

    I Will Destroy You



    Know Your City

    Koyama Press

    Kim Ku

    Sloane Leong

    The Little Friends of Printmaking

    Most Ancient

    Dylan Meconis

    Magnetic North

    Oni Press

    Pigeon Soup Press

    Plain Comics

    PNCA Illustration

    Pony Club Gallery

    Pork Magazine 

    Press Gang

    Profanity Hill

    Revival House

    Yumi Sakugawa

    Sardine Can Press

    Snakebomb Comix

    Sparkplug Comic Books

    Studio JFish

    Sturgill Studio

    Teenage Dinosaur

    Top Shelf Productions

    Traditional Comics

    Tugboat Press

    Charmaine Verhagen

    Pam Wishbow

    Wuvable Oaf Comics

    Yam Books

    Whew! And we even have a couple of surprises left up our sleeves… Stay tuned for late-breaking additions, interviews with our exhibitors, and much more. Winnowing down to this final list was very difficult, and we had to leave lots of creators off that we would have loved to host at the show, but in the end we can’t believe what an amazing array of illustrators, cartoonists, and publishers have chosen to exhibit with us our first year! Thank you!

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