1. Advisory Committee: Kinoko Evans, Meg Hunt, and Justin “Scrappers” Morrison

    Our goal is for Linework NW to be a showcase for what we consider to best quality work in illustration and comics from the Pacific Northwest and beyond, while maintaining a high degree of diversity amongst our exhibiting artists and publishers. Linework is a curated event. We have already received far more applications for space than we can accommodate this year, and are continuing to accept applications until January 31st. It will certainly be a a difficult task to select the final line up for the show, but we feel that this curation process will ensure that Linework is one of the most vibrant and exciting festivals around!

    With that goal in mind, we would like to announce the formation of our Linework NW Advisory Committee, featuring three outstanding Portland-based creative professionals: Kinoko EvansMeg Hunt, and Justin “Scrappers” Morison. This all-star advisory committee will meet with co-organizers Zack Soto & Francois Vigneault to review all of our exhibitor applications to ensure that the widest range of creators is considered for Linework NW. As you can see from their bios below, Kinoko, Meg, and Justin are extraordinarily well-qualified for this role, with years of personal experience as artists and wide-ranging connections to the art, comics, and illustration worlds. 

    Linework NW is accepting exhibitor applications through January 31st, 2014. We encourage you to submit your application for consideration! 

    Kinoko Evans is a Philadelphia-born comic artist, illustrator and printmaker. She studied printmaking in Philadelphia and Seattle, and holds a degree in illustration from PNCA in Portland, where she currently lives. Kinoko’s client list includes the Portland MercuryBitch Magazine, and MTV. She teaches in the IPRC comics program, and has recently completed her own comic book retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh. Kinoko enjoys research, volunteerism, and playing ukelele in her spare time.

    Meg Hunt is an illustrator, printmaker, educator, and all-around maker of things. Growing up by the ocean and spending a few years in the desert, she now resides in the wooded city of Portland, OR, where the scenery is always inspiring. Charming characters, color, and pattern dominate her work, and she loves mixing traditional and digital techniques to create a lush scene. Her clients have included Disney, Cartoon Network, Scholastic, Storey Publishing, Oxford University Press, Monoblock, and many more.

    Justin “Scrappers” Morrison
     would rather be adventuring with his son
    Camper, but most of the time you’ll find him behind a desk making stuff.
    Scrappers has done art direction and illustration work for clients such as the Portland Mercury, Wieden + Kennedy, Travel Oregon, Hurley, Nike, MTV, and Warner Brothers.

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